We’ve created great ideas into reality – in no time at all. And we can do it for you. We’ve helped companies go from idea to release in 3 months and less. Not only that, we helped them do this the customer development engineering way – the way successful products are developed. We are using Ruby on Rails and Drupal, we help you use the technology that helps bring out the best in your product or service.


Using a tested method for getting your product online fast and according to what you want, we guarantee a greater chance of achieving your dreams with your product! Contact us at info@cs8.my, we will gladly answer your inquiry.
How to get a day off easily using accurahq. Taking leaves and claims are made easy with affordable price.
EVAL – Evaluation system
Provide an assessment portal with a scoring scheme, and immediately provide and generate reports.
Online Application - Provide relevant and quality educational offers to prospective students.
Intranet and Widget
Company’s intranet is important to let their staff updated with company’s news. Widget available to summarized intranet in a small window.
Internship Portal
Campuses could have their own internship portal to help their own students find internship and to let companies post internship opportunities in the portal.
Entrepreneurship Psychometric Index instrument - Provide an assessment portal for individual’s entrepreneurial potential psychological traits.
Website development, customization, integration, implementation and maintenance
Web application development, customization, integration, implementation and maintenance
Mobile Application development, customization, implementation and maintenance

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